Taste the difference.

We offer an array of pastured pork products. From ham steaks to half and whole hogs, there's something for everyone- and every appetite.


Packaged Pork

Ground Pork

1lbs (2 available) - $8 each


Spare Ribs

2lbs package (1available) -$16 each

2lbs 3oz (1available) - $17.50 each


County Style Ribs

1lbs 9oz (1 available) - $13.27 each

1lbs 10oz (2 available) - $13.80 each

1lbs 11oz (1available) - $14.33 each

1lbs 14oz (1available) - $14.92 each

2lbs package (1available) - $17 each


Ham Hocks

1lbs 8oz (1available) - $6 each

11oz package (2availble) – $2.75 each


Loin Roast

4lbs 12oz (1 available) - $38 each

5lbs (1 available) - $40 each

7lbs 11oz (1 available) - $61.5 each


Shoulder Roast

2lbs 14oz (1 available) - $21.44 each

3lbs 6oz (1 available) - $25.26 each

2lbs 10oz (1available) - $19.60 each


Leaf Fat

2lbs 5oz (1available) - $4.60 each

2lbs 2oz (1 available) - $4.24 each


Pork Fat

3lbs 10oz (1 available) – $7.20 each

3lbs 4oz (1 available) - $6.48 each

3lbs 5oz (1 available) - $6.60 each


Suckling Pig

Processed Whole and 1/2 Pigs

Whole Pig - $5/lb hanging weight + processing fee

Suckling Pig - $150 per pig + processing fee

1/2 Pig - $5.75/lb + 1/2 Processing (must have another customer order)


Red Wattle Hogs

Red Wattle hogs are known for their foraging activity. Bred in East Texas during the 1970s and 80s, Red Wattles are considered threatened by The Livestock Conservancy. Find out more here.


A Hog's Life

All of our animals are pastured and have several acres to roam freely in. We rotate them regularly to ensure the soil stays healthy.


Why Pastured?

We believe that with minimal external input the hogs enjoy an active life. Allowing animals to find their own feed across parcels of land encourages movement and enriches our soil as well.