Saturday, January 27th 2pm - 6pm

Kimchi Fermentation Class

Come learn the ancient art of making kimchi! This super food incorporates good probiotics into your diet and helps keeps your gut healthy. In this hands-on introductory class, Executive Chef Uyen Pham will cover the basics of the fermentation process and teach students how to make kimchi. Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine and has been around since the 600’s for medicinal purposes.

Students will harvest carrots, radishes and other fresh produce grown at Skinny Lane Farm to use for the class.  Each participant will make and take home two jars of fermented vegetables!

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Sunday, December 10th 2pm - 6pm

Basics of Yeast Bread

Just in time for the holidays!  Ever wondered how restaurants and top chefs make those perfect loaves of bread? Now is your chance to learn the trade secrets! Chef Jackie Parchman of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts will be conducting an intensive 3-hour class on the secrets of making the perfect loaf of bread. The class will cover the basics of mixing, kneading and rising your bread. Each student will make two loaves of bread to take home; cinnamon swirl bread and herbed bread. You will also receive a copy of the recipe and instructions to make your bread at home!

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